About Us

Honeysuckle Home is a transitional group home that will serve at-risk youth with special medical needs, age 0 to 21.  Founded to bridge gaps of care during a child’s life, we will provide a safe and nurturing home-like environment with 24/7 nursing care and mental health support.

Many of the children we will care for are a part of the DCFS system due to neglect, abuse or other unforeseen circumstances.  These children often suffer from diabetes, seizure disorders, brain injuries and the inability to eat, walk and talk normally, etc.  However, despite their limitations, Honeysuckle believes that the children can still have a high quality of life!  

Honeysuckle Home commits to supporting our staff and future residents through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach.  We are dedicated to utilizing trauma-informed, evidence-based practice that ensures each child’s social, emotional, and physical needs are met. 

Honeysuckle Home believes in family and patient empowerment.  In collaboration with our partners, we will help foster togetherness through education, training, mental health awareness, and structured family support services.  In doing so, the goal is to establish a strong foundation for each child and family to promote the child’s ongoing health, safety, well-being, and successful transition.

Power In a Name

The Honeysuckle flower is a symbol of the bond of love.  The fragrance is known to induce dreams of passion. It symbolizes pure happiness and affection.  At its heaviest interpretation, the honeysuckle represents tenderness for love lost.

The honeysuckle flower represents what we wish to instill in each resident; passion for life, love and happiness, and tenderness towards all. 

Meet the Founders of Honeysuckle Home